El próximo día a las 16 en el Salón de actos del Hospital Civil de Málaga se organiza la conferencia perteneciente al ciclo de conferencias de IBIMA titulada “Allergy to vegetal allergens. Role of the food matrix”, que será impartida por la Dra. Clare Mills.

Confiamos en vuestra participación.
Dra. Clare Mills
Dra. Clare Mills

  • Chair in Molecular Allergology at the University of Manchester

Prior to taking up a chair in Molecular Allergology at the University of Manchester in September 2011 I lead the BBSRC Institute Strategic Programme Grant on Food Structure and Health and was co-ordinator of the EU project EuroPrevall and its successor the recently started iFAAM project. My personal research interests are focused on structure-function relationships in food proteins particularly with regards what makes some proteins, and not others, become allergens, including the effects of the food matrix and processing on resistance of food proteins to digestion and the role this plays in determining the allergenicity of foods.

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