The Hospital Biobank of Malaga arises from the needs of the health centers to manage biological samples of human origin intended for diagnostic or research purposes that also contain relevant associated information and are organized according to quality, order and destination criteria. To advance our understanding of the causes of various diseases, researchers need a large number of samples. Managing them with sufficient safeguards is not easy and this requires having specialized structures such as biobanks, to comply with established legal, ethical and quality requirements. In addition, biobanks allow the integration of basic and clinical research groups.

In recent years, the institutions that make up IBIMA have focused on the consolidation of existing biobanks in hospitals and the inclusion of various collections of samples generated by the clinical research projects. The goal is a bank of specimens of different physiological and pathological conditions, with associated standardized information in both patients and healthy donors, so that their use in biomedical research can be ensured, guaranteeing the rights of donors under current legislation (Law 14/2007 Biomedical Research, RD1716 / 2011, Decree 1/2013 Andaluz, LOPD, etc).

The creation of this research platform enables the establishment of guidelines for coordinated work, useful for different clinical departments at IBIMA to join efforts in search of a collective benefit at both a diagnostic and a research level. The creation of a hospital biobank does not mean the disappearance of collaborations with other external biobanks, rather it facilitates the exchange of samples under equal and optimal conditions of scientific and technical quality, becoming a central source and receiver of biological samples and preventing the vision of clinical departments as “mere sample givers “, as it enables them to manage their collection, processing and control, setting high standards for assignment to different research groups, ensuring a rational, effective, legal and ethical use of samples of available resources.

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The purpose of the biobank is the overall management including processing, transformation and safekeeping, with quality and safety criteria, of different types of biological samples of human origin from both diagnosed patients and control subjects.

The operational objectives of the biobank shall be based on a number of key points for improvement:

  • Collection, processing and storage of biological samples with standardized quality criteria.
  • Timely assignment of the samples to investigators, according to commitments made.
  • Catalogue and accounting of biological samples for research.
  • Systematization of techniques with standardized work protocols and standardization of procedures.
  • Optimization of communication between clinical groups and research groups.
  • Promotion of interaction in research conducted at the Hospital-IBIMA.
  • Encourage partnerships between internal and external researchers from the Hospital-IBIMA.
  • Support for performing laboratory tests in clinical studies and research developed.
  • Provide a service to the research staff of the hospital.
  • Contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge.
  • Cut costs and optimize economic resources among different groups.
  • Alvaro Jiménez Vista
  • Carlos González Hermoso
  • Carmen Ventura Gómez
  • Cristobalina Mayorga Mayorga
  • Inmaculada Martín Martín
  • Luis Vicioso Recio
  • Tatiana Díaz Córdoba