The Biomedical Research Institute of Málaga (IBIMA) is a multidisciplinary biomedical research space centred around the Regional University Hospital of Málaga and the Virgen de la Victoria University Hospital of Málaga along with primary care centres and the biotechnology groups of the University of Málaga. Its objective is to promote research of excellence that is preferably translational in order to obtain results that are transferable to clinical practice and biotechnology applications.

One of the Institute’s shared research support structures (ECAI) that the Institute has is the Provincial Biobank of Málaga, which in turn belongs to the Biobank of the Andalusia Public Healthcare System (

The Biobank of the Andalusia Public Healthcare System was created in 2013 under the Ministry of Health as a networked biobank (Decree 1/2013, of 8 January, regulating the authorisation for the founding and operation of biobanks for biomedical research purposes, creating the Registry of Biobanks of Andalusia and the Andalusia Public Healthcare System biobanks). It comprises 26 hubs located in healthcare centres of the Andalusian Public Healthcare System. This biobank structure is unique in regards to its potential and capacity for obtaining, transforming, preserving, and distributing samples for research purposes.
The Provincial Biobank of Málaga has a trajectory spanning more than 10 years. Since its beginnings, it has worked to become what it is today: a platform for high-quality services for researchers in the province, the majority of whom belong to IBIMA. It offers coverage to both consolidated and emerging groups, providing users who are carrying out their projects with the guarantee that the biobank complies with all ethical, legal, and technical requirements for biological samples and their associated data.

The Provincial Biobank of Málaga comprises three hubs:

• Regional Hospital (General, Maternal, and Civil)
Address: Hospital Civil. Pabellón 5 sótano. Plaza del Hospital Civil, s/n 29009, Málaga
• Virgen de la Victoria Hospital
Address: Hospital Civil. Pabellón 5 sótano. Plaza del Hospital Civil, s/n 29009, Málaga
• Costa del Sol Hospital
Address: Hospital Civil. Pabellón 5 sótano. Plaza del Hospital Civil, s/n 29009, Málaga
This research support platform allows for establishing coordinated work standards, both on diagnostic and the research levels, which are useful for researchers who combine forces for the benefit of all. The creation of the hospital biobank does not entail the end of collaborations with other external biobanks, but rather it allows for the possibility of exchanging samples under the same optimal scientific and technical conditions. The hospital biobank thus becomes a provider and a receiver of biological samples—fighting against the vision of clinical departments as “mere providers” of samples—as it allows them to manage their collection, processing, and control. Rigorous standards for transferring them to different research groups have been established, ensuring the rational, effective, legal, and ethical use of available resources.


The Málaga Biobank Platform provides services within the framework of:

  • Research with public and private funding. There are three basic models for the collection and/or use of samples and/or data for research. Samples for research projects. Collection for a line of research. Collection for the biobank for research. You can find more detailed information in the Guide for the Use of Biological Samples from the Andalusia Public Healthcare System
  • Clinical trials, in collaboration with the Málaga Clinical Trials Platform
  • Archives for diagnostic confirmation

The Biobank provides services in the following modalities:

  • Requests for provision: activation of the sample collection circuits and delivery/custody of samples or data
  • Requests for custody: use of the facilities for the preservation of samples
  • Requests for processing: processing of samples for researchers


Solicitud de Servicio

The request for samples of human origin and/or associated data in order to carry out a research study is subject to the requirements established in the Law on Biomedical Research 14/2007 and RD 1716/2011, which implements it. In a general sense, the research project must have ethical and scientific approval. The Biobank will provide the necessary ethical, legal, and technical support and advising for obtaining approval.

In order to request services from the Biobank ECAI, please complete the appropriate document and send it to

The Unit will send you an email to confirm receipt and begin the procedure for the requested service.


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