The Genomics shared research support platform provides mid- and high-level sequencing and genotyping services. This shared research support structure (ECAI) is accredited according to the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard.

The platform can provide any technical or methodological advising needed at any time. There are two modalities of services offered:

  • Internal service through temporary access for researchers who need its facilities in order to carry out research projects funded by the different programmes within IBIMA.

  • External service to national and international public and private institutions for activities related to genetic analysis



Sanger sequencing of DNA

3130XL. 3130XL. 3130XL. Automatic DNA sequencing via capillary electrophoresis and using the BigDye Terminator kit from Applied Biosystems, obtaining readings of up to 1000 bases per reaction from plasmoids, PCR products, cosmids, phages, or BAC.

Analysis of DNA fragments marked with fluorochromes can be conducted using this equipment. It allows for combinations of fluorochromes (6-FAM, HEX, NED, ROX, VIC, PET, LIZ) for multiple genotyping.
The platform participates in external quality assessments of genetic studies for monogenic diabetes (ISO 17043) (EQA).

Ultrasequencing: Ion-S5

The Genomics shared research support structure offers massive sequencing and next-generation sequencing (NGS) services using the Ion-S5 platform from Thermo Fisher Scientific, which is based on semiconductor technology.
The system’s flexibility is owed to:

  • Three different types of chips with different performance levels available in order to provide different coverage (read depth) according to the application or the researcher’s needs.
  • Read lengths: libraries can be created with two read lengths according to the purpose it is needed for (reads of 200 – 400 pb)
  • Possibility of multiplexing samples (bar codes on adaptors) by inputting multiple samples in the same sequencing run, thus taking full advantage of the reaction and the experiment in general

The Ion Torrent platform offers a wide range of applications. Applications of note are:

  • RNA sequencing (transcriptomic studies)
  • Chip-Seq, MNse-Seq
  • De Novo
  • Custom resequencing in search of all types of genetic variants (AmpliSeq, etc.) of cancer or hereditary diseases, amongst others
  • Structural analysis of DNA (Aneuploidy, CNV, STRs, etc.)
  • Gene expression profiling of mRNAs and microRNAs on a global scale (Small RNA-Seq)
  • Metagenomic and epigenomic studies
  • Bacterial and viral typification
  • Sequencing for diagnostic purposes of batteries of genes defined as markers of susceptibility
  • Pharmacogenomic analysis on the whole genome level

There are various technologies that allow for targeted resequencing or enrichment of libraries in targets/genes of interest that are compatible with the Ion Torrent platform:

  • Ion AmpliSeq Panels (DNA/RNA) kits from Life Technologies. Panels for studying groups of specific genes or genomic regions involved in, amongst others:

– Cancer (cancer, BRCA1, BRCA2, lung, colon, etc.)
– Hereditary diseases (cardiovascular, haematology, autism, dermatology, deafness, etc.)
– Infectious diseases, apoptosis
– Human identification (forensic applications)

  • TargetSeq Custom Enrichment from Life Technologies (custom design)
  • HaloPlex Target Enrichment System from Agilent Technologies (custom design)

Pyrosequencing.. EThe PyroMark Q96 ID pyrosequencer is a fully integrated system that provides real-time information on sequences. It is one of the systems of reference for epigenetic research and genetic analysis. It also allows for the preparation of a single strand of DNA using the PyroMark Q96 ID Vacuum Workstation. Applications include:

  • A detection tool for epigenetic research
  • Quantification of individual CpG sites for differential gene expression in tumours
  • A platform that is highly suitable for the analysis of differences in genomic DNA, including mutation detection and SNP genotyping
  • KRAS assays: mutations in genes involved of numerous human cancers
  • In other disciplines: studies on the development of drug resistance in pathogens and polymorphisms in forensic samples of mitochondrial DNA

SNP Genotyping

The Sequencing and Genotyping Platform has equipment for independent use available, such as real-time PCR equipment.

  • 480II LightCycler from Roche
  • 7500 Fast from Applied Biosystems
  • Stratagene Mx3005P

In real-time PCR systems, in addition to quantitative PCR experiments, it is possible to carry out genotyping analyses using high-resolution melt curves, Taqman probes, HRM analysis, and more.


Solicitud de Servicio

To request services from the Genomics shared research support platform, please complete the corresponding document and send it to

The platform will send you an email to confirm receipt and begin the procedure for the requested service.


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