The Imaging ECAI is structured as a research platform to provide services in imaging and microscopy techniques to IBIMA researchers and, true to the philosophy of the institute, to all public health system centers in the province of Malaga, both primary care and hospitals, as well as the University of Malaga and public and private institutions that may require such services

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  • Services
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  • Technical scientific support
  • Training
  • Portfolio development service
  • Incorporation of new techniques

The Imageing ECAI provides services directed mainly to histological processing and detection of antigens in cells and tissues by immunohistochemistry and conventional and fluorescence immunocytochemistry, including:

  • Preparation of tissues for cutting. Conventional microtome processing: postfixation, paraffin embedding, manual/motorized microtome cutting techniques.
  • Freezing microtome processing: postfixation, cryoprotection, freezing and microtome cutting.
  • Cryostat processing: postfixation, cryoprotection, freezing and cryostat cutting.
  • Vibratome processing: postfixation, embedding in agarose, manual/motorized vibratome cutting.
  • Histochemical staining techniques.
  • Immunohistochemical staining of tissue sections. Development of protocols for different techniques.
  • Immunohistochemistry of free-floating tissue sections, immunohistochemistry for conventional and fluorescence microscopy.
  • Preparation of tissues for electron microscopy. Ultramicrotomy
  • TUNEL technique for measuring apoptosis.
  • Photography of microscopy image. Quantification of expression.
  • In addition, on request, supervision and training of users in the use of Unit equipment and all necessary guidance and advice is provided.
  • Immunohistochemistry for conventional and fluorescence microscopy.
  • Ana Isabel Gómez Conde
  • Guillermo Estivill Torrús
  • Lourdes Sanchez Salido