The aims and objectives to be achieved with the launch of IBIMA are grouped into five main strategic themes:
  • Scientific Excellence
  • Training
  • Innovation, Transfer and Partnerships
  • Infrastructure and Financing

  • Develop quality research in areas that may have important implications in the field of human health and which will be defined by the parties in the process of launching the Institute, contributing to the development of priority R+D lines of the Regional Ministry of Health of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia as well as National Research Plans.
  • Establish appropriate mechanisms for transferring research results to the Health System with the ultimate goal of having a positive impact on clinical practice.
  • Promote interinstitutional collaboration in biomedical research at the local level in order to achieve better results and higher levels of efficiency.
  • Promote the training of researchers, and their exchange between centers, with the aim of facilitating their meeting and sharing knowledge for the benefit of research.
  • Support cooperation and collaboration with other centers and researchers in our region, national and international community through the creation and participation in thematic networks and other cooperative research related to their field.
  • Develop a proactive strategy for searching for research funding, with the ultimate goal of contributing to the sustainability of the Institute.
  • Contribute to the efficient use of infrastructure and resources available for research, both internal and shared resources with other institutions.
  • Organize scientific meetings, conferences, seminars and similar activities whose subject matter is related to research in the corresponding field of activity.
  • Develop active policies of communication and dissemination of these activities in society and take part in all areas related to these objectives.