The Institute has among its aims the promotion of biomedical research and the transfer of results to society in the form of advances in the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of diseases that impact the health of the citizens.
Being aware that investment in research should lead to the generation of new products and/or services reaching the market, the opportunity represented by work at IBIMA for detecting needs, the innovative capacity of professionals and the possibility that work in this area represents for projects of development and validation of new products and technologies. One of the priorities of IBIMA is driving innovation.
IBIMA's Innovation Support Unit is a multidisciplinary team aimed at making a series of specialized services available to IBIMA professionals:
  • Assessment and appraisal of technologies
  • Partner search (organizations and companies)
  • Support for the implementation of technological development projects

Logotipo Itemas
The Innovation Support Unit of IBIMA is a member of the Platform for Innovation in Medical and Health Technologies (ITEMAS), one of the platforms supporting research in science and health technologies promoted by the Carlos III Institute of Health as a component of the comprehensive approach to innovation in this environment.