The biomedical research institute of Malaga requires hiring a postdoctoral researcher for research projects:

  • Integration of techniques -omics in precision immunotherapy against cancer
  • Correlation of the mutational profile and expression of the residual disease and the first metastasis of the primary tumor in women with breast cancer treated in neoadjuvant.
  • Principal investigator: Dr. Emilio Alba.  Group B-01
  • Supervisor: Dr. Isabel Barragan
  • Place of execution: Health Research Center of the University of Málaga (CIMES), Regional Hospital and Virgen de la Victoria Hospital.

Dr. Alba is the leader of the group "Clinical and Translational Cancer Research" at IBIMA. His line of research is based on the study of tumor biology, the biological and therapeutic implications of the genetic variety of the tumor and the host, and the direct application of these results to clinical practice through guidelines and clinical trials.

Dr. Barragán, former leader of the group "Pharmacoepigenetics" at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, is currently associated with the group of Dr. Alba in IBIMA within the Marie Curie (EU) program. His line of research uses the most novel procedures in the field of epigenetics and genetics for the analysis of clinical tests, as well as functional studies in in vitro models, with the aim of identifying.

Description of the position

The objectives of the projects in which I will collaborate are:

1. Identify new response biomarkers in immunotherapy against cancer. On the one hand, the development of new treatments constitutes a great advance in the field; however, the determinants of interindividual variability in terms of clinical response have not yet been identified. In this project, we will investigate these determinants from the genetic and epigenetic perspectives.

2. Determine the mutational profile and expression associated with residual disease and the first metastasis in patients with breast cancer treated in neoadjuvant.

The postdoctoral researcher will be part of a multidisciplinary group formed by basic and translational researchers, including experts in bioinformatics, clinical oncology, and pathological anatomy.We need a talented researcher, scientific curiosity, and enthusiast, whose scientific interests include the genetics and epigenetics of cancer.Our vision is that of a highly motivated candidate for scientific work, who has a strong work ethic, ability to communicate science in diverse fields, and who has the vocation to lead his field of research. In addition, we look for someone who shares our philosophy of working for a common scientific goal.

From the technical point of view, the candidate must be familiar with cell population separation techniques by flow cytometry, library preparation for bulk DNA and RNA sequencing, including oxidative sequencing with bisulfite, affinity-based sequencing with antibodies for DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation, ATAC-seq , libraries enriched in modifications of determined histones, as well as libraries of total RNA by ribosomal depletion. Additionally, experience in circulating free DNA processing and circulating tumor cells will be a competitive advantage.

The selected researcher will work in close cooperation with a biocomputingexpert. The selected researcher will be given the opportunity to generate their own independent funding. In addition, it will work in close collaboration with the "Farmacoepigenetic" group and with other collaborators located at the Karolinska Institute.

Tasks to carry out:

  • Experimental procedures for the generation of genetic, epigenetic and transcriptomic profiles of patients, from solid and liquid biopsies (isolation of circulating free DNA, CTCs from liquid biopsies, separation of different cell populations, preparation of massive sequencing libraries for analysis of complete genome and candidate genes, etc.)
  • Statistical analysis, interpretation, writing of scientific articles and dissemination.

Required qualifications

  • Degree of Doctor in any of the Biomedical Sciences.

Experience and required competences

  • Three or more years of postdoctoral experience.
  • Good record of publications.
  • Experience in the preparation of libraries for Mass Sequencing, preferably including oxidative sequencing with bisulfite (specific training in this method will be offered if necessary).
  • Experience in general methods of molecular and cellular biology, and in particular affinity enrichment with antibodies.
  • Experience in isolation and purification of DNA and circulating tumor cells in liquid biopsy would be a competitive advantage.
  • The selected candidate is expected to have a high degree of creativity, motivation, conscientiousness in his work, including maintaining his record of activities, and being able to work well as a team.
  • It will be essential profience in both spoken and written English.

Contract data

  • Full time.
  • Competitive salary to be defined according to experience.
  • Possible start date: June 2018

Presentation of applications

Applications can be submitted by e-mail: (indicate in the subject NEOAIPOS1405) to the address

The deadline for receiving applications will end on May, 24th 15:00 pm).

Selection process

After a review period in which the candidates whose curriculum is best adapted to the established criteria will be selected, a second phase consisting of a personal interview will be launched.

The Institute

IBIMA is a biomedical research institute made up of more than 47 research groups from the Regional and Virgen de la Victoria Hospitals, health centers and biotechnology groups of the University of Malaga. The objective of IBIMA is to promote multidisciplinary research that combines basic, clinical and technological research, thus promoting innovation and translation based on excellent research.