The Biomedical Research Institute of Malaga (IBIMA) and Roche Farma held this morning the ceremony of delivery of the 1st IBIMA-Roche Award for innovation in Oncology in the auditorium of the Virgen de la Victoria University Hospital. In this first edition, co-organized by both entities, the award went to the GALEN project ('From clinical trials to reality in Oncology: Usefulness of an Information System in the analysis of the results of oncological clinical practice'), led by Nuria Ribelles, principal investigator of IBIMA and head of section of the Clinical Management Unit of Oncology in public hospitals of Málaga capital. In addition, she is responsible for the Management and Organization of the Consultation Area and day Hospital of the Virgen de la Victoria University Hospital.

In addition, the project involves Emilio Alba, coordinator of the Oncology Area of ​​IBIMA and principal investigator of the group 'clinical and translational cancer researcher' and director of the Clinical Management Unit Intercentros de Oncología of the public hospitals of Málaga and Director of the Center of Medical-Health Research of the University of Málaga (UMA); the researchers Luis Subirats and Julio Montes of the 'Computational Intelligence in Medicine' group of IBIMA within the University of Málaga; as well as José Manuel Jerez, researcher responsible for IBIMA and Professor of the Department of Language and Computer Science of the University of Málaga (UMA).

In the prize, valued at 6,000 euros, research groups of IBIMA have participated, as well as the staff of the Public Health System of the province of Malaga, who have presented their proposals in the field of Oncology.

The winning project - GALEN - is centered around the optimal organization of real clinical results in Oncology to obtain results that efficiently and reliably guarantee changes contemplating the reduction of costs and an efficient distribution of resources.

According to Nuria Ribelles, "a system has been created that has data on 30,000 oncology patients capable of allowing the efficient administration of data and the coordination of the processes involved in the operation of the service."

In addition, Ribelles said that "we propose to demonstrate that you can obtain real-time indications of health outcomes with the information generated daily by the physicians of the Clinical Management Unit, without any additional effort." Regarding the implementation of the project in hospitals, the researcher pointed out that "it is a robust system and easily transferable to the health system, since it feeds on the daily care activity itself". In this sense, the main researcher stated that "currently it has been transferred successfully from the Virgen de la Victoria University Hospital to the Regional Hospital of Malaga and the Maternal Child, which makes us think that it is perfectly transferable to any other center with similar characteristics. "

The day started with the presentation of the act by Francisco J. Tinahones on behalf of the scientific management of IBIMA; José María Gómez, regional director of Roche Farma España; as well as by José Cruz, medical deputy director of the Virgen de la Victoria University Hospital.

In addition to making the award, in the act have also participated José María Gómez by Roche, and Arturo Argüello, deputy director of the Office of Technology Transfer of the Public Health System of Andalusia. Both have developed their interventions around the application that health innovation has provided in the present and future within the field of Oncology.

Regarding the celebration of this type of awards, Francisco J. Tinahones, highlighted as scientific director of the IBIMA that "for the institute is a tremendous honor the possibility of celebrating this type of initiatives that value a field like Oncology". In this sense, Tinahones stressed that "Oncology is a fundamental area within the life of the institute contributing to a significant volume of scientific production and innovation."

For his part, José María Gómez de Roche Farma Spain, said that the celebration of awards that promote innovation in a field such as Oncology "are projects in which we want to include our grain of sand in Andalusia, where we have great professionals who they deserve opportunities that allow the development of lines of research for the benefit of patients ". In addition, he noted that "stimulating cancer projects is part of our support to the Ministry and research centers of Andalusia, where we invest around 19 million euros in R & D."

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