Bases Moleculares de la Proliferación Celular y Enfermedades Raras

Lineas de Investigación

01. Angiogénesis y microentorno tumoral: Identificación y caracterización de moduladores de angiogénesis. Metabolismo en el microentorno tumoral.

02. Metabolismo de aminas biógenas y poliaminas en la salud y la enfermedad.

03. Bioinformática y redes: Modelos de interactomas, redes de enfermedad y de fármacos con métodos predictivos.

04. Flujos de trabajo bioinformáticos para la automatizacion de análisis genómicos. Análisis de expresión de transposones en cáncer.

05. Aplicaciones de las líneas 1-4 a las enfermedades raras.

Publicaciones científicas

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Copper-containing mesoporous bioactive glass promotes angiogenesis in an in vivo zebrafish model

Romero-Sanchez, LB; Mari-Beffa, M; Carrillo, P; Medina, MA; Diaz-Cuenca, A
Acta Biomaterialia 2018

TransFlow: a modular framework for assembling and assessing accurate de novo transcriptomes in non-model organisms

Seoane, P; Espigares, M; Carmona, R; Polonio, A; Quintana, J; Cretazzo, E; Bota, J; Perez-Garcia, A; Alche, JD; Gomez, L; Claros, MG
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Mathematical modeling of cancer metabolism

Medina, MA
Critical Reviews In Oncology Hematology 2018

Fishing anti(lymph)angiogenic drugs with zebrafish

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Phenotype-loci associations in networks of patients with rare disorders: application to assist in the diagnosis of novel clinical cases

Bueno, A; Rodriguez-Lopez, R; Reyes-Palomares, A; Rojano, E; Corpas, M; Nevado, J; Lapunzina, P; Sanchez-Jimenez, F; Ranea, JAG
European Journal Of Human Genetics 2018

Comparison of the anti-angiogenic potential of hydroxytyrosol and five derivatives

Lopez-Jimenez, A; Gallardo, E; Espartero, JL; Madrona, A; Quesada, AR; Medina, MA
Food & Function 2018

Exploring the Ring-Closing Metathesis for the Construction of the Solomonamide Macrocyclic Core: Identification of Bioactive Precursors

Cheng-Sanchez, I; Carrillo, P; Sanchez-Ruiz, A; Martinez-Poveda, B; Quesada, AR; Medina, MA; Lopez-Romero, JM; Sarabia, F
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(+)-Aeroplysinin-1 Modulates the Redox Balance of Endothelial Cells

Garcia-Vilas, JA; Martinez-Poveda, B; Quesada, AR; Medina, MA
Marine Drugs 2018

Bioinformatic Prediction of S-Nitrosylation Sites in Large Protein Datasets.

Carmona, Rosario; Claros, M; de Alche, Juan
Methods In Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.) 2018

In silico prediction of targets for anti-angiogenesis and their in vitro evaluation confirm the involvement of SOD3 in angiogenesis.

Garcia-Vilas, Javier A; Morilla, Ian; Bueno, Anibal; Martinez-Poveda, Beatriz; Medina, Miguel Angel; Ranea, Juan A G
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Regulatory role of microRNA in mesenteric lymph nodes after &ITSalmonella&IT Typhimurium infection

Herrera-Uribe, J; Zaldivar-Lopez, S; Aguilar, C; Luque, C; Bautista, R; Carvajal, A; Claros, MG; Garrido, JJ
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Development of genomic tools in a widespread tropical tree, Symphonia globulifera L.f.: a new low-coverage draft genome, SNP and SSR markers

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Identification and Functional Annotation of Genes Differentially Expressed in the Reproductive Tissues of the Olive Tree (Olea europaea L.) through the Generation of Subtractive Libraries

Zafra, A; Carmona, R; Traverso, JA; Hancock, JT; Goldman, MHS; Claros, MG; Hiscock, SJ; Alche, JDFrontiers In Plant Science. 2017

Polyamine-RNA-membrane interactions: From the past to the future in biology

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Structural and Functional View of Polypharmacology

Moya-Garcia, A; Adeyelu, T; Kruger, FA; Dawson, NL; Lees, JG; Overington, JP; Orengo, C; Ranea, JAGScientific Reports. 2017

Targeting VEGFR-3/-2 signaling pathways with AD0157: a potential strategy against tumor-associated lymphangiogenesis and lymphatic metastases

Garcia-Caballero, M; Paupert, J; Blacher, S; Van de Velde, M; Quesada, AR; Medina, MA; Noel, AJournal Of Hematology & Oncology. 2017

The Natural Antiangiogenic Compound AD0157 Induces Caspase-Dependent Apoptosis in Human Myeloid Leukemia Cells

Garcia-Caballero, M; Martinez-Poveda, B; Medina, MA; Quesada, ARFrontiers In Pharmacology. 2017

The noni anthraquinone damnacanthal is a multi-kinase inhibitor with potent anti-angiogenic effects

Garcia-Vilas, JA; Pino-Angeles, A; Martinez-Poveda, B; Quesada, AR; Medina, MACancer Letters. 2017

Pleiotropic Role of Puupehenones in Biomedical Research

Martinez-Poveda, B; Quesada, AR; Medina, MAMarine Drugs. 2017

Generation of nitric oxide by olive (Olea europaea L.) pollen during in vitro germination and assessment of the S-nitroso- and nitro-proteomes by computational predictive methods

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Genomic analysis of the marine fish pathogen Photobacterium damselae subsp piscicida: Insertion sequences proliferation is associated with chromosomal reorganisations and rampant gene decay

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Automated identification of reference genes based on RNA-seq data

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Homocysteine pre-treatment increases redox capacity in both endothelial and tumor cells

Diaz-Santiago, E; Rodriguez-Caso, L; Cardenas, C; Serrano, JJ; Quesada, AR; Medina, MARedox Report. 2017


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