Lineas de Investigación

01 Mecanismos asociativos de aprendizaje.

02 Sistemas de aprendizaje involucrados en la adquisición y extinción del miedo condicionado.

03 Bases cerebrales del sistema de aprendizaje por refuerzo.

04 Diferencias individuales en el aprendizaje por refuerzo como marcador de vulnerabilidad a trastornos de ansiedad.

Publicaciones científicas

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  • Otro

Intolerance of uncertainty as a vulnerability factor for excessive and inflexible avoidance behavior

Flores, A; Lopez, FJ; Vervliet, B; Cobos, PL
Behaviour Research And Therapy 2018

The Diagnosis of Mental Disorders Is Influenced by Automatic Causal Reasoning

Flores, A; Cobos, PL; Hagmayer, Y
Clinical Psychological Science 2018

Neurophysiological evidence of efference copies to inner speech

Whitford, TJ; Jack, BN; Pearson, D; Griffiths, O; Luque, D; Harris, AWF; Spence, KM; Le Pelley, MEElife. 2017

Targeted Memory Reactivation during Sleep Adaptively Promotes the Strengthening or Weakening of Overlapping Memories

Oyarzun, JP; Moris, J; Luque, D; de Diego-Balaguer, R; Fuentemilla, LJournal Of Neuroscience. 2017

Testing the controllability of contextual cuing of visual search

Luque, D; Vadillo, MA; Lopez, FJ; Alonso, R; Shanks, DRScientific Reports. 2017

Dependent Measure and Time Constraints Modulate the Competition Between Conflicting Feature-Based and Rule-Based Generalization Processes

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Slower Reacquisition After Partial Extinction in Human Contingency Learning

Morris, J; Barberia, I; Vadillo, MA; Andrades, A; Lopez, FJJournal Of Experimental Psychology-Learning Memory And Cognition. 2017


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