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3. Bioinformática Clínica.

Publicaciones científicas

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BLASSO: integration of biological knowledge into a regularized linear model

Urda, D; Aragon, F; Bautista, R; Franco, L; Veredas, FJ; Claros, MG; Jerez, JM
Bmc Systems Biology 2018

Male breast cancer: correlation between immunohistochemical subtyping and PAM50 intrinsic subtypes, and the subsequent clinical outcomes

Sanchez-Munoz, A; Vicioso, L; Santonja, A; Alvarez, M; Plata-Fernandez, Y; Miramon, J; Zarcos, I; Ramirez-Tortosa, CL; Montes-Torres, J; Jerez, JM; de Luque, V; Llacer, C; Fernandez-De Sousa, CE; Perez-Villa, L; Alba, E
Modern Pathology 2018

A machine learning approach for predicting methionine oxidation sites

Aledo, JC; Canton, FR; Veredas, FJBmc Bioinformatics. 2017

Layer multiplexing FPGA implementation for deep back-propagation learning

Ortega-Zamorano, F; Jerez, JM; Gomez, I; Franco, LIntegrated Computer-Aided Engineering. 2017

Noisy Chaotic Time Series Forecast Approximated By Combining Reny»s Entropy With Energy Associated To Series Method: Application To Rainfall Series

Rivero, CR; Pucheta, JA; Canon, ADO; Franco, L; Valdivia, YJT; Otano, PS; Sauchelli, VHIeee Latin America Transactions. 2017


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