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01. Neurocomputación, análisis de imágenes digitales, sistemas inteligentes de ayuda a la decisión, aprendizaje computacional, análisis de agrupaciones, toma de decisión.

Publicaciones científicas

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Listening to Relaxing Music Improves Physiological Responses in Premature Infants A Randomized Controlled Trial

Caparros-Gonzalez, RA; de la Torre-Luque, A; Diaz-Piedra, C; Vico, FJ; Buela-Casal, G
Advances In Neonatal Care 2018

The effect of noise on foreground detection algorithms

Lopez-Rubio, FJ; Lopez-Rubio, E; Molina-Cabello, MA; Luque-Baena, RM; Palomo, EJ; Dominguez, E
Artificial Intelligence Review 2018

Panorama construction for PTZ camera surveillance with the neural gas network

Thurnhofer-Hemsi, K; Lopez-Rubio, E; Dominguez, E; Luque-Baena, RM; Molina-Cabello, MA
Expert Systems 2018

Unsupervised learning by cluster quality optimization

Lopez-Rubio, E; Palomo, EJ; Ortega-Zamorano, F
Information Sciences 2018

Vehicle type detection by ensembles of convolutional neural networks operating on super resolved images

Molina-Cabello, MA; Luque-Baena, RM; Lopez-Rubio, E; Thurnhofer-Hemsi, K
Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering 2018

Weighted-selective aggregated majority-OWA operator and its application in linguistic group decision making

Yusoff, B; Merigo, JM; Ceballos, D; Pelaez, JI
International Journal Of Intelligent Systems 2018

Foreground Detection by Competitive Learning for Varying Input Distributions

Lopez-Rubio, E; Molina-Cabello, MA; Luque-Baena, RM; Dominguez, E
International Journal Of Neural Systems 2018

Fuzzy techniques for IPO underpricing prediction

Quintana, D; Chavez, F; Baena, RML; Luna, F
Journal Of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems 2018

Estimating the importance of consumer purchasing criteria in digital ecosystems

Pelaez, JI; Cabrera, FE; Vargas, LG
Knowledge-Based Systems 2018

Foreground object detection for video surveillance by fuzzy logic based estimation of pixel illumination states

Molina-Cabello, MA; Lopez-Rubio, E; Luque-Baena, RM; Dominguez, E; Palomo, EJ
Logic Journal Of The Igpl 2018

Computational Functionalism for the Deep Learning Era

Lopez-Rubio, E
Minds And Machines 2018


Ramos, AD; Lopez-Rubio, E; Palomo, EJ
Neural Network World 2018

A fast robust geometric fitting method for parabolic curves

Lopez-Rubio, E; Thurnhofer-Hemsi, K; Blazquez-Parra, EB; de Cozar-Macias, SD; Ladron-de-Guevara-Munoz, MC
Pattern Recognition 2018

A novel expert system for objective masticatory efficiency assessment

Vaccaro, G; Pelaez, JI; Gil-Montoya, JA
Plos One 2018

Study and classification of plum varieties using image analysis and deep learning techniques

Rodriguez, FJ; Garcia, A; Pardo, PJ; Chavez, F; Luque-Baena, RM
Progress In Artificial Intelligence 2018

Analysis of 3D Scan Measurement Distribution with Application to a Multi-Beam Lidar on a Rotating Platform

Morales, J; Plaza-Leiva, V; Mandow, A; Gomez-Ruiz, JA; Seron, J; Garcia-Cerezo, A
Sensors 2018

The Growing Hierarchical Neural Gas Self-Organizing Neural Network

Palomo, EJ; Lopez-Rubio, EIeee Transactions On Neural Networks And Learning Systems. 2017

Voxel-Based Neighborhood for Spatial Shape Pattern Classification of Lidar Point Clouds with Supervised Learning

Plaza-Leiva, V; Gomez-Ruiz, JA AUTOR PETICION COPIA; Mandow, A; Garcia-Cerezo, ASensors. 2017

Acute stress recovery through listening to Melomics relaxing music: A randomized controlled trial

de la Torre-Luque, A; Caparros-Gonzalez, RA; Bastard, T; Vico, FJ; Buela-Casal, GNordic Journal Of Music Therapy. 2017

Dynamic tree topology learning by self-organization

Lopez-Rubio, E; Luque-Baena, RM; Palomo, EJ; Dominguez, ENeural Computing & Applications. 2017

Robust Fitting of Ellipsoids by Separating Interior and Exterior Points During Optimization

Lopez-Rubio, E; Thurnhofer-Hemsi, K; de Cozar-Macias, OD; Blazquez-Parra, EB; Munoz-Perez, J; de Guevara-Lopez, ILJournal Of Mathematical Imaging And Vision. 2017

Memetic Computing Applied to the Design of Composite Materials and Structures

Pelaez, JI; Gomez-Ruiz, JA; Veintimilla, J; Vaccaro, G; Witt, PMathematical Problems In Engineering. 2017

Pixel Features for Self-organizing Map Based Detection of Foreground Objects in Dynamic Environments

Molina-Cabello, MA; Lopez-Rubio, E; Luque-Baena, RM; Dominguez, E; Palomo, EJInternational Joint Conference Soco”16- Cisis”16-Iceute”16. 2017


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