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  • Project: BRCA2MEN, CAPTURE
  • Principal Investigator: Elena Castro. IBIMA / IBIMA GROUP B-11 (IBIMA-CNIO Genitourinary Tumors Unit)
  • Place of realization: The functions may take place in the two locations where group activities are carried out, at IBIMA (Malaga) and at CNIO (Madrid) according to the profile and availability of the selected candidate or the needs of the group.

Job Description

We are the Translational Research Group in Genitourinary Oncology led by Dr. Elena Castro located at IBIMA (Málaga). Together with the Prostate Cancer Unit at CNIO (led by Dr. David Olmos) we work as a multidisciplinary team under the joint CNIO-IBIMA Genito-Urinary Cancer Clinical Unit in a wide spectrum of projects.

We are seeking a highly motivated Bioinformatician or Computational Biologist to join our lab. Our group have pioneered the establishment of BRCA2 alterations as the first inherited genetic prognostic marker in prostate cancer patients and we look for a candidate with computational biology skills to work on projects aimed to unlock the potential of LP-WGS, WES and genetic panels to find new prognostic and predictive markers in prostate cancer.

We generate massive amount of genomic data from cohorts of cancer patients from our clinical projects and perform variant calling and variant interpretation to identify new biomarkers. We consider this goal can only be achieved from a multidisciplinary perspective, so we encourage the interaction between biologist, clinicians and bioinformatician at the lab.

Furthermore, we keep exploring new wet lab methods to study clinical samples in new ways, which offers the opportunity to learn and apply new computational methods.

Ideal candidates should have previous experience in bioinformatics analysis of genomics data, including variant calling (LP-WGS, WES, gene panels), RNAseq expression data, CNV, etc. Candidates should have coding experience with Bash and R, and knowledge in data analysis. We expect strong analytical skills, creativity, curiosity, enthusiasm, and ability to work in a team.


  • Participate in the planning, processing, analysis and interpretation of next generation sequencing experiments for the study of genomic variability and/or gene regulation
  • Customization of variant calling pipelines and interpretation of variant
  • Analyze and integrate cancer genomic and clinical data
  • Implement and customize existing software tools for multi-omic analysis

Required criteria:

  • Degree in bioinformatics, computer science, computational biology, biotechnology, biology or similar. Applicants with degrees in life sciences will be considered providing they can demonstrate experience/expertise in bioinformatics/computational genomics
  • Good communication skills in English

Valuable skills:

1. Experience in:

  • Cancer genomics. (1 point)
  • Working in high performance computing (HCP) environments (0,5 points)
  • Processing and analyzing next-generation sequencing including WGS, WES or Gene Panels (1 point)
  • Development of variant calling and variant classification pipelines (0,5 point)
  • GATK Best Practice mutation analysis pipelines (1 point)
  • Single-cell RNAseq analysis. (0,2 points)
  • Database managing and developing. Relational and non-relational database. (0,2 points)
  • CNV analyses using arrays. (0,2 points)

2. Accredited knowledge in:

  • Bioinformatics tools and visualization/data mining packages and an aptitude for optimally adapting them to specific problems. (0,2 points)
  • Workflow managers like SnakeMake. (0,5 points)
  • R/Bash/PhytonProgramming (0,5 points)
  • Basic molecular biology procedures (0,2 points)

Supporting documentation to accredit the requirements above by certification of courses or Responsible Declaration.

1. Participation in clinical projects, clinical trials (0,1 point per project, up to a maximum of 1 point)

Supporting documentation to accredit the requirements above by CV .

Following the evaluation of the merits of all applicants based on their CVs highest ranked applicants will be called for a personal interview to evaluate more precisely their aptitude, so the following will be evaluated:

  • Ability to report results in a clear and summarized manner.
  • Ability to work independently and within a collaborative research team.
  • Good organizational, communication and interpersonal skills.

The personal interview counts up to a maximum of 3 points.

Note: the assessable merits must be accredited in the CV through specific training, technical experience through participation in projects and publications with a specific description of the tasks carried out by the candidate. They will be accredited by certification by the competent Body or Responsible Declaration.

Contract data

  • Contracting modality: Work contract to carry out a specific scientific and technical research project
  • Location: IBIMA-CNIO / GRUPO IBIMA B-11 (Translational Research Group in Genitourinary Oncology)
  • Annual gross remuneration: 25.000-30.000€ Fixed + 2.500-3.000€ Variable according to experience and curricular background
  • Day: Full (35 hours)
  • Duration: 24 months extendable (3-month trial period)
  • Category: Lab. Manager

Presentation of candidatures

Applications can be submitted by e-mail: (indicate in the subject REF:BR2NTEC2705) to the address

The deadline for receiving applications will end on the June 11, 2021 at 15h.

Selection process

Based on the points obtained in the evaluation of merits, at least the three best candidates will be selected to carry out a personal interview in which the communication skills, aptitude for the job and skills exposed in the documentation provided will be assessed. with a maximum of 3 points. Only those candidates who obtain at least 50% of the points of the assessable merits will be eligible for the interview phase.

After resolution of the position and in the event that the selected candidate renounces the contract, the hiring table may decide to decide in favor of the next candidate according to the published list of scores.

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