The Scientific Directorate of the Biomedical Research Institute of Málaga (IBIMA) has established a R&D&I Quality and Management policy that expresses its commitment to complying with the following regulation:
  • Royal Decree 279/2016, of 24 June, on the accreditation of biomedical or healthcare research institutes.
  • UNE Standard 166002 R&D&I Management.
  • Regional, National, and European R&D&I Directives.
The policy provides an appropriate reference framework for establishing and revising the R&D&I Quality and Management objectives that are pursuant to the Institute’s mission, which is to develop and strengthen a multidisciplinary biomedical research space centred around the Regional University Hospital of Málaga and the Virgen de la Victoria University Hospital of Málaga along with primary care centres and the biotechnology groups of the University of Málaga. This research contributes to providing the scientific underpinnings of the Spanish National Healthcare System’s programmes and policies, fostering research that is preferentially translational in the biomolecular, clinical, epidemiological, and technological areas. The purpose of this policy is to provide a response to societal challenges that is in line with IBIMA’s vision of being a proactive and innovative organisation that is a national and European benchmark and which strives to offer the best possible research and translation of results at all times. The Scientific Directorate commits to disseminating this R&D&I Quality and Management Policy to all Institute personnel and to periodically revise it in order to provide a timely response to any needs for improvement that there may be.

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