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  • 12 noviembre, 2019
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Job description

  • Description
    We are seeking a highly motivated project coordinator/study monitor for the Prostate Cancer Clinical Research Unit to work across different projects funded by “Fundación CRIS contra el cáncer”, “Instituto de Salud Carlos III”, and “Department of Defense-(CDMRP)” and different private contracts. These projects involve different prospective non-interventional studies and clinical trials for which the candidate must either act as study monitor, data manager and/or project coordinator The task involves developing and/or mantaining Standard Operational Procedures for data entry and sample collection in our studies; acting as data entry and monitor for specific sites participating in the study or to monitor data collection and GCP adherence in study sites, generate and resolve queries for the investigators, coordinate logistic for sample collection and trial managing. This involve both work at IBIMA and travelling to study sites for on-site monitoring, data verification, data collection, sample obtention and related task to the study competition. The candidate must also coordinate with other peers and train other data managers involved in data collection for CNIO-IBIMA led studies. As part of this position the candidate have to interact with different members at the lab team at CNIO, including physicians, Computational Scientist, clinical fellows as well as our associated researchers in the joint CNIO-IBIMA clinical unit. It would also involve active interaction with other collaborators from other centers in Spain and abroad.
  • The Translational Research in Genitourinary Oncology group (B-11).
    This group is a multidisciplinary team led by Dr. Elena Castro (Team Leader) and Dr. David Olmos (co-PI) and Dr. Bernardo Herrera (co-IP) in which researchers from two institutions are integrated: the Institute of Biomedical Research in Málaga (IBIMA) and The Spanish National Cancer Research Centre. Currently the Prostate Cancer Research line counts with 2 senior clinicians scientists, Dr Castro and Dr Olmos, 2 post-doctoral researchers, 2 clinical fellow, 1 senior lab officer, 3 predoctoral students, 2 lab technicians, 3 study monitors/data entry technicians and 1 clinical projects coordinator. We also count with a visiting pathologist and a medical statistician. Our team is leading several national and international projects including a national prospective studies platform seeking for novel biomarkers through a better molecular and clinical characterization of advanced and high-risk prostate cancer. We also conduct clinical trials as well as translational projects in therapeutics and mechanistic research, in which we use multiple preclinical in vivo and in vitro tools. Our associated CNIO-IBIMA unit at the Málaga University Hospital, which is also led by Dr Olmos and Dr Castro, is considered one of the leading European units in Prostate Cancer Clinical Research, with over 20 actives trials and over 150 patients enrolled in research projects every year. This unit integrates 5 Medical Oncologist, 2 Radiation Oncologist, 3 Urology surgeons, 2 research nurses, 1 study coordinator and 2 data managers.
  • Justification of the position
    This position is essential due to the growing amount of work related to clinical studies, and the increasing complexity of the task involved in this line of work.
  • Responsabilities

    • To act as Project manager for PROCURE platform study and other academic studies led by the Translational Research in Genitourinary Oncology group
    • To develop and mantain Standard Operational Procedures for data entry and sample collection in our studies
    • To act as data entry and monitor for sites participating in the study
    • To coordinate and train other data managers involved in data collection for CNIO-IBIMA led studies

    Essential Criteria

    • University degree
    • Master degree in clinical trials, clinical research methodiology or similar
    • Acreditated experience in Prostate Cancer studies (at least 2 years)
    • Adequate written and spoken English to interact with international collaborators.
    • Abstracts and publications record from prior research experience will be highly valued

    Desirable criteria

    • Proved experience and accreditation in data collection and entry platform for clinical trials: Rave, InForm, medPace, ClinPhone, IXRS, Oracle, etc.
    • Ability to travel in her own around Spain for monitoring. Driving license
    • Experience processing biological samples for research and biobanking

    Job offer details

    • Job modality : Contract to perform a specific scientific and technical research project
    • Laboral category: Técnico
    • Work location : Hospitales Universitarios Virgen de la Victoria y Regional de Málaga & CNIO
    • Annual gross salary : 20.672 €
    • Employment type: Full time (35 hours per week)
    • Duration : 12 Months, extandable

    Job application

    Job application letter should be sent by email to (please, indicate REF: ENZAPTEC1211) The application should be sent before November 22, 2019 at 3:00 p.m.

    Selection process

    After selection period, candidates, who fulfil better the eligibility and selection criteria, will be contacted for a personal interview

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