Lineas de Investigación

01. Develop and validate instruments for evaluation and clinical diagnosis, integrating biomechanics, physiology, psychometrics, and clinical symptoms.

02. Physiology and biomechanics applied to musculoskeletal (dys)function. Preclinical studies.

03. Development, validation, and sensitivity to change of instruments for measuring outcomes in clinical sciences.

04. Multimodal health promotion interventions in chronic diseases. Clinical trials.

04. Health solutions based on information and mobile communication technology. Telemedicine and mHealth. Translational studies and innovation.

Proyectos de Investigación

Multi-dimensional Intervention Support Architecture for Gamified eHealth and mHealth Products (iGAME)

Comisión Europea
Horizon 2020 2018

AP-0158-2018 Protocolo de Adaptación Transcultural y Validación del Wijma Delivery Expectancy/Experience Questionnaire A y B.


Publicaciones científicas

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Therapeutic physical exercise and supplements to treat fibromyalgia

Ibanez-Vera, AJ; Alvero-Cruz, JR; Garcia-Romero, JC
Apunts-Medicina De L Esport 2018

Calibration of a perineometer arbitrary scale into a standard measurement unit based on touch sensor

Jimenez, CR; Vargas, AIC
Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express 2018

Longitudinal validity of abdominal adiposity assessment by regional bioelectrical impedance

Alvero-Cruz, JR; Garcia-Romero, JC; de Albornoz-Gil, MC; Jimenez, M; Correas-Gomez, L; Penaloza, P; Lopez-Fernandez, I; Carnero, EA
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The relationship between quality of life and physical fitness in people with severe mental illness

Perez-Cruzado, D; Cuesta-Vargas, AI; Vera-Garcia, E; Mayoral-Cleries, F
Health And Quality Of Life Outcomes 2018

Early, specialist vocational rehabilitation to facilitate return to work after traumatic brain injury: the FRESH feasibility RCT

Radford, K; Sutton, C; Sach, T; Holmes, J; Watkins, C; Forshaw, D; Jones, T; Hoffman, K; O’Connor, R; Tyerman, R; Merchan-Baeza, JA; Morris, R; McManus, E; Drummond, A; Walker, M; Duley, L; Shakespeare, D; Hammond, A; Phillips, J
Health Technology Assessment 2018

Correlates of Sedentary Behaviour in Adults with Intellectual Disabilities-A Systematic Review

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Synchronized Pedaling with Martial Arts Improves Quality of Life of Women with Breast Cancer

Navarro-Sanz, A; Espejo-Reina, A; Cerezo-Guzman, MV; Fernandez-Ortega, JF; Meza-Leiva, H; Conejo-Tirado, I; Santiago-Sanchez, C
International Journal Of Sports Medicine 2018

The quality of dying and death measurement instruments: A systematic psychometric review

Sanchez, DG; Cruzado, DP; Cuesta-Vargas, AI
Journal Of Advanced Nursing 2018

Central sensitization in breast cancer survivors

Cuesta-Vargas, AI; Roldan-Jimenez, C; Pajares, B; Alba, E
Journal Of Applied Biobehavioral Research 2018

Energy expenditure measured with accelerometers and self-report questionnaire in people with intellectual disabilities

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Journal Of Intellectual Disability Research 2018

Dimensionality and Reliability of the Central Sensitization Inventory in a Pooled Multicountry Sample

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Using Smartphones to Collect Quantitative Data on Lower Limb Functionality in People Who Have Suffered a Stroke

Merchan-Baeza, JA; Gonzalez-Sanchez, M; Cuesta-Vargas, AI
Journal Of Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases 2018

Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Psychometric Validation of the Serbian Version of the Central Sensitization Inventory

Knezevic, A; Neblett, R; Jeremic-Knezevic, M; Tomasevic-Todorovic, S; Boskovic, K; Colovic, P; Cuesta-Vargas, A
Pain Practice 2018

Psychometric validation of the Serbian version of the Fear Avoidance Component Scale (FACS)

Knezevic, A; Neblett, R; Gatchel, RJ; Jeremic-Knezevic, M; Bugarski-Ignjatovic, V; Tomasevic-Todorovic, S; Boskovic, K; Cuesta-Vargas, AI
Plos One 2018

Medication and physical activity and physical fitness in severe mental illness

Perez-Cruzado, D; Cuesta-Vargas, A; Vera-Garcia, E; Mayoral-Cleries, F
Psychiatry Research 2018

Assessing trunk flexo-extension during sit-to-stand test variant in male and female healthy subjects through inertial sensors.

Roldan-Jimenez, Cristina; Cuesta-Vargas, Antonio I; Bennett, Paul
The Physician And Sportsmedicine 2018

Changes in Pain and Muscle Architecture in Colon Cancer Survivors After a Lumbopelvic Exercise Program: A Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Controlled Trial

Cantarero-Villanueva, I; Cuesta-Vargas, AI; Lozano-Lozano, M; Fernandez-Lao, C; Fernandez-Perez, A; Galiano-Castillo, NPain Medicine. 2017

Comparison of fatigue accumulated during and after prolonged robotic and laparoscopic surgical methods: a cross-sectional study

Gonzalez-Sanchez, M; Gonzalez-Poveda, I; Mera-Velasco, S; Cuesta-Vargas, AISurgical Endoscopy And Other Interventional Techniques. 2017

Confirmatory factor analysis of VISA-P scale and measurement invariance across sexes in athletes with patellar tendinopathy

Hernandez-Sanchez, S; Abat, F; Hidalgo, MD; Cuesta-Vargas, AI; Segarra, V; Sanchez-Ibanez, JM; Gomez-Conesa, AJournal Of Sport And Health Science. 2017

Dry Needling Combined With Physical Therapy in Patients With Chronic Postsurgical Pain Following Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Case Series

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Experimental Validation of Depth Cameras for the Parameterization of Functional Balance of Patients in Clinical Tests

Moreno, FA; Merchan-Baeza, JA; Gonzalez-Sanchez, M; Gonzalez-Jimenez, J; Cuesta-Vargas, AISensors. 2017

The Oswestry Disability Index, confirmatory factor analysis in a sample of 35,263 verifies a one-factor structure but practicality issues remain

Gabel, CP; Cuesta-Vargas, A; Qian, MH; Vengust, R; Berlemann, U; Aghayev, E; Melloh, MEuropean Spine Journal. 2017

Ununited Bone Ossicle in a Patient With Patellar Tendinopathy

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Definitions, measurement and prevalence of sedentary behaviour in adults with intellectual disabilities – A systematic review

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Positive and Negative Consequences of Making Coffee among Breakfast Related Irrelevant Objects: Evidence from MCI, Dementia, and Healthy Ageing

Rodriguez-Bailon, M; Garcia-Moran, T; Montoro-Membila, N; Rodenas-Garcia, E; Montoro, MA; Molina, MJFJournal Of The International Neuropsychological Society. 2017

Systematic review of mirror therapy compared with conventional rehabilitation in upper extremity function in stroke survivors

Perez-Cruzado, D; Merchan-Baeza, JA; Gonzalez-Sanchez, M; Cuesta-Vargas, AIAustralian Occupational Therapy Journal. 2017

The Fear-avoidance Components Scale (FACS): Responsiveness to Functional Restoration Treatment in a Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain Disorder (CMPD) Population.

Neblett, Randy; Mayer, Tom G; Williams, Mark J; Asih, Sali; Cuesta-Vargas, Antonio I; Hartzell, Meredith M; Gatchel, Robert JClinical Journal Of Pain. 2017

Body composition changes after sport detraining period

Alvero-Cruz, JR; Ronconi, M; Romero, JCG; Gill, MCD; Lopez, MJ; Gomez, LC; Carnero, EANutricion Hospitalaria. 2017


Perez-Cruzado, David; Cuesta-Vargas, Antonio IgnacioInternational Journal Of Technology Assessment In Health Care. 2017

Muscular activity and torque of the foot dorsiflexor muscles during decremental isometric test: A cross-sectional study.

Ruiz-Munoz, Maria; Gonzalez-Sanchez, Manuel; Martin-Martin, Jaime; Cuesta-Vargas, Antonio IFoot (Edinburgh, Scotland). 2017

Physical fitness and levels of physical activity in people with severe mental illness: a cross-sectional study

Perez-Cruzado, D; Cuesta-Vargas, AI; Vera-Garcia, E; Mayoral-Cleries, FBmc Sports Science Medicine And Rehabilitation. 2017

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