Lineas de Investigación

01. Research in electronics and instrumentation.

02. Bioinformatics/biomedicine.

03. Application of rehabilitation and care systems.

04. Application of artificial intelligence techniques to diagnostic systems.

05. Identification of correlations between genetic information and diseases.

Proyectos de Investigación

MOV19-005 Genómica comparativa usando Deep Learning. Candidato Esteban Pérez Wohlfeil. Jefe de Grupo: Fernando Vidal Verdú

. 2019

Publicaciones científicas

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mORCA: sailing bioinformatics world with mobile devices

Diaz-del-Pino, S; Falgueras, J; Perez-Wohlfeil, E; Trelles, O
Bioinformatics 2018

mORCA: ubiquitous access to life science web services

Diaz-del-Pino, S; Trelles, O; Falgueras, J
Bmc Genomics 2018

Usefulness of a New Large Set of High Throughput EST-SNP Markers as a Tool for Olive Germplasm Collection Management

Belaj, A; de la Rosa, R; Lorite, IJ; Mariotti, R; Cultrera, NGM; Beuzon, CR; Gonzalez-Plaza, JJ; Munoz-Merida, A; Trelles, O; Baldoni, L
Frontiers In Plant Science 2018

Training bioinformaticians in High Performance Computing

Perez-Wohlfeil, E; Torreno, O; Bellis, LJ; Fernandes, PL; Leskosek, B; Trelles, O
Heliyon 2018

Tactile Sensor-Based Steering as a Substitute of the Attendant Joystick in Powered Wheelchairs

Trujillo-Leon, A; Bachta, W; Vidal-Verdu, F
Ieee Transactions On Neural Systems And Rehabilitation Engineering 2018

Precise and Parallel Pairwise Metagenomic Comparisons

Perez-Wohlfeil, E; Trelles, O
Journal Of Computational Biology 2018

Assistive Handlebar Based on Tactile Sensors: Control Inputs and Human Factors

Trujillo-Leon, A; Bachta, W; Castellanos-Ramos, J; Vidal-Verdu, F
Sensors 2018

Building an open source cloud environment with auto-scaling resources for executing bioinformatics and biomedical workflows

Krieger, MT; Torreno, O; Trelles, O; Kranzlmuller, DFuture Generation Computer Systems-The International Journal Of Escience. 2017

FPGA-Based Tactile Sensor Suite Electronics for Real-Time Embedded Processing

Oballe-Peinado, O; Hidalgo-Lopez, JA; Castellanos-Ramos, J; Sanchez-Duran, JA; Navas-Gonzalez, R; Herran, J; Vidal-Verdu, FIeee Transactions On Industrial Electronics. 2017

High-Accuracy Readout Electronics for Piezoresistive Tactile Sensors

Hidalgo-Lopez, JA; Oballe-Peinado, O; Castellanos-Ramos, J; Sanchez-Duran, JA; Fernandez-Ramos, R; Vidal-Verdu, FSensors. 2017

Microbiome overview in swine lungs

Siqueira, FM; Perez-Wohlfeil, E; Carvalho, FM; Trelles, O; Schrank, IS; Vasconcelos, ATR; Zaha, APlos One. 2017

Two level parallelism and I/O reduction in genome comparisons

Torreno, O; Trelles, OCluster Computing-The Journal Of Networks Software Tools And Applications. 2017

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