Lineas de Investigación

01. Research and development of technological devices for otology. Implantable hearing aids.

02. Quality assessment in hearing loss treatments.

Publicaciones científicas

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Evaluation of Psychometric Properties of Voice Activity and Participation Profile (VAPP): A Spanish Version.

Bermudez-de-Alvear, Rosa M; Galvez-Ruiz, Pablo; Martinez-Arquero, A Gines; Rando-Marquez, Sara; Fernandez-Contreras, Elena
Journal Of Voice 2018

Electrical consequences of large-scale replacement of metal halide by LED luminaires

Hermoso-Orzaez, MJ; Rojas-Sola, JI; Gago-Calderon, A
Lighting Research & Technology 2018

Analysis of the Viability of Street Light Programming Using Commutation Cycles in the Power Line

Ocana-Miguel, A; Andres-Diaz, JR; Hermoso-Orzaez, MJ; Gago-Calderon, A
Sustainability 2018


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