Lineas de Investigación

01. Chronicity care.

02. Care of patients with chronic wounds (though all wounds are studied). Projects with the pressure wounds and diabetic foot units.

03. Complications associated with the use of vascular devices: phlebitis, bacteraemia, thrombosis, etc. An innovation project funded in 2018 will begin to be implemented in 2019.

04. Clinical practice guidelines for pressure wound units in paediatrics and neonatology.

05. Care of ostomies.

06. Validation of the “ESCENDE” (Development-sensitive Neonatology Nursing Care Scale) tool in order to determine the care intensity level in a neonatal intensive care unit.

07. Infection prevention in neonatal intensive care units.

08. Psychological intervention in palliative care patients.

Proyectos de Investigación

CA19113 (TheERNSTGroup) – The European Researchers Network Working on Second Victims

Comisión Europea
. 2020

CA19133 (FOSTREN) – Fostering and strenghening approaches to reducing coercion in european mental healch services

Comisión Europea
. 2020

PIN-0288-2018 Diseño y validación de una app para la prevención y seguimiento de las complicaciones asociadas al uso de los dispositivos venosos.


Publicaciones científicas

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Prevalence and Related Factors of Ineffective Self-Health Management in Polymedicated Patients Over the Age of 65 Years

Montiel-Luque, A; Nunez-Montenegro, AJ; Martin-Aurioles, E; Garcia-Dillana, F; Toro-Toro, MC; Gonzalez-Correa, JA
International Journal Of Nursing Knowledge 2018

Combined Flush With Histidine-Tryptophan-Ketoglutarate and University of Wisconsin Solutions in Liver Transplantation: Preliminary Results

Diaz, FJL; Aguilar, JLF; de Cabo, SN; Reyes, MP; Perez, BS; Casado, CM; Daga, JAP; Narvaez, JMA; Munoz, MAS; Gonzalez, FA; Rias, MMF; Angulo, JLP; Santoyo, JS
Transplantation Proceedings 2018

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