Nuclear and X-Ray Imaging



Computed Tomography (CT)

   Service Description

Computed Tomography (CT) is based on the reconstruction of 2D X-ray images captured at different angles to generate a detailed 3D view of the subject. CT imaging is typically used to provide vital contextual information for other modalities as well as for specific studies into bone density, contrast agents, implantation and regenerative technologies. Our Albira system uses dedicated beds for rats and mice with incorporated gas anesthesia. The Albira software suite automates the reconstruction process, while the PMOD software suite enables advanced analyses and the export of data into popular formats such as DICOM.


  • Albira small animal CT system
    • Dedicated beds for individual rats and mice with anaesthesia.
    • MATS bed for simultaneous imaging of up to four mice with anesthesia
    • Albira Software Suite 5.0 with integrated acquisition and tomography.
    • PMOD biomedical image quantification software.
    • 90 µM resolution and 70 mm diameter Field of View (FOV).
    • Energy Range (kVp) 10-50.
    • QRM Micro-CT HA Phantom 0, 50, 200, 800,1200 mg HA/cm3 densities


  • Dentistry and bone regeneration studies
  • Contextual/anatomical imaging in conjunction with other modalities
  • Bone density analysis
  • Implantation studies

   Services Offered

  • Phantom-based measurement of reagent densities (e.g. as part of the characterization of X-ray/CT-based contrast agents)
  • Bone-density measurements based on calibration using a calcium hydroxyapatite phantom.
  • Image processing, analysis and quantification services, including specialized packages such as PMOD, FIJI and BoneJ.
  • Advanced custom 3D visualizations using the Imaris software package.
  • Close integration with other BIONAND units for associated animal handling and histology services.

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