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Continent colostomy device

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The operation performed in order to create an opening (stoma) in a particular organ located at one different point as the natural orifice of excretion, providing a new exit to that organ, is named ostomy. There are different types of ostomies, although the most frequent is colostomy.

Colostomy connects the large intestine to the abdominal wall, creating an opening through which the end of the large intestine is connected to allow the exit of the stool through a sealed bag that must be collected by the patient creating an uncomfortable situation. This is because, unlike the anus, the generated stoma does not have a sphincter.

Currently there are temporary obturator devices that simulate the function of a sphincter, improving the quality of life of colostomized patients and providing them with a certain ability to contain feces. However, there is still a need to improve the obturators, and to be able to guarantee that the colostomy is airtight, because in some occasions the pressure coming from the inside of the large intestine causes uncontrolled loss of stool, causing many problems for the patient.

This continent colostomy device is installable inside the patient’s abdominal wall and can be operated manually by the patient in a simple way.

It includes:

-An inflatable element, with a longitudinal central hole to pass over the large intestine, which crosses the patient’s stoma, and also including a longitudinal groove to accommodate the blood vessels of this large intestine. When the inflatable element swells, the central hole narrows and compresses the tissues that pass through it.

-A reservoir of fluid storage, connected to the inflatable element, where the fluid that will be used is saline.

-Boost pump used for the fluid to be driven between the reservoir and the inflatable element, with the purpose of alternating the inflatable element between the deflated configuration and the inflated configuration. In addition, it includes a blocking valve that helps prevent the return of the fluid in its swollen configuration.


  • Useful application to make continents all colostomies; the patient can start to use it in combination with a conventional obturator.

  • It consists in a simple surgical operation under the patient’s skin resulting in a very safe and tight mechanism.

  • It is a new improved device that causes fewer associated problems in relation to the patient, where an evacuatory maneuver is performed at the time that abdominal pressure is felt. Offering greater comfort and autonomy to the patient.

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