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DIETSAT: Application for meal design and validation.

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Nowadays, citizens and professionals are very conscious about advantages of having a good healthy eating adapted to each person. For this reason, it is necessary to know macronutrients and micronutrients requirements for different communities in order to adapt therapeutic and/or balance diet for each group.
This informatic program uses composition data from Moreiras, Jiménez and Mataix actualized food tables. It also includes updated information of foods provided by manufacturers or obtained from available bibliography.
The most difference between this program and other similar program is it is used everyday by healthy professional and researchers. So, the application could be updated in every moment by them. These updates are done according to new scientific knowledgeable.
Moreover, this program includes information about nutrients does not appear in other databases (for example vitamin K), so it is possible to make more accurate diets.
This program also allow patients print informs and make dietetical surveys.



  • The data base uses scientific rigor data.

  • Backup copies are done every day.

  • Only authorized users could modify parameters.

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