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Hemostasis device for intraperitoneal trocar orifice

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At the moment, interventions for laparoscopic surgery are very frequent and require the realization of one or more surgical incisions through the abdominal wall and peritoneum to place the trocars, which are elements through which the chosen instruments are introduced for surgical interventions.
Once the intervention is finished, persistent bleeding may occur requiring the continuous attention of medical professionals.
At the moment, the bleeding control of these openings is partially managed by applying stitches, but it is not an efficient procedure since the bleeding could reappear again very easily.

Currently, there are double balloon catheters designed for other purposes, but until now, they were not designed for hemostasis once the intraperitoneal laparoscopic surgical operation was completed.

Specifically, this probe has been designed by the researcher for the closure and compression of the aponeurosis in a trocar opening; therefore, it has particular characteristics and dimensions that differ from other actual probes.
This new procedure basically comprises the introduction of the double balloon probe through a trocar orifice that presents a persistent bleeding so that the two inflatable balloons are located respectively above and below the aponeurosis, allowing with the balloon’s inflation the compression of the aponeurosis, thus promoting hemostasis.


  • It is an improved device with great utility, providing greater effectiveness, easy handling and low technical difficulty as well as offering a great saving of surgical time and economic cost.

  • There is no equal procedure in cases of laparoscopic trocar surgeries to prevent and control bleeding.

  • It avoids other related complications in a quick and easy manner.

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