PRO-EURO DILI NETWORK – Training School in Lisboa

Training School about Novel Challenges in Toxicology, 5th Training School

During the 27th – 29th of September, a Training School within the framework of the project CA-17112: PRO-EURO DILI NETWORK were held in Lisboa (Portugal). Specifically, there was a Advanced Course about the new challenges associated with Toxicology are determinant for many other aspects of the biomedical sciences. By the end of this course it is expected that the students integrate the acquired knowledge towards complex toxicological phenomena and understand the impact of Toxicology in our modern society.

During this three-day course, students understood the adverse effects associated with exposure to toxic xenobiotics of different classes and modes of action (MoA), as well as inter-individual variations in biotransformation enzymes and membrane transporters. Special attention was given to genotoxicity issues and their impact on carcinogenesis and drug development. Safety issues in new drugs, including biologics. Finally, students understood the role of omics and the potential of stem cell technology in predictive toxicology towards personalisation.

For more information about the training school go to the official website of the project.

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