Combing social interaction and long term monitoring for promoting independent living

Financed by: European Comission

Programme: ICT-2011.5.4 – ICT for Ageing and Wellbeing

Grant Agreement ID: 288173 

Rol in the project: Partner

Duration: January 2012 to December 2014

Contact: Gutierrez Castañeda, Carlos

Implementation Centre: Distrito Sanitario Atención Primaria Costa del Sol


GIRAFF+ develops a system for early detection and adaptive support to people’s changing needs related to ageing. The Giraff+-system consists of a network of home sensors that measure e.g. blood pressure and temperature, or detect e.g. whether somebody occupies a chair, falls down or moves inside a room. The data from these sensors are interpreted by an intelligent system in terms of activities (e.g. the person is going to bed) and health and wellbeing (e.g. the person is tired or well rested). Alarms or reminders to the person or his/her caregivers can be triggered, and the generated data can be analysed over time by a health professional. Part of the system is a telepresence robot, Giraff, which can be moved around in the home remotely via the internet, e.g. by a caregiver. The Giraff is effectively a mobile communication platform, with video camera, display, microphone and speakers, which helps the user to maintain his/her social contacts.


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