Financed by : European Commission


Grant Agreement ID: 210 70

Role in the project: Partner

Duration: January 2021 to January 2022


About a million people suffer a myocardial infarction yearly in Europe. Without the right support, many patients fail to engage in much-needed lifestyle improvements and risk relapsing. Cardiac rehabilitation (CR) programs are successful in educating patients and lowering their CV risk. However, they don’t reach enough people (attendance before COVID19 between 8 and 50%) and their short duration often renders positive results not sustainable long term.

The pandemic has accelerated the transformation of post MI care and sharpened the need for high quality remote CR dramatically.

Rehab+ is a mobile CR program, offered for one year to patients who cannot a􀆩end traditional CR. It offers an optimised digital platform, regular interaction with a health advisor and integra􀆟on with the healthcare team: the right educational environment for patients to establish lifestyle improvements and reduce CV risk long term.

Rehab+ is being co-created with patients by rehab centers, Amgen and Liva.


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