Development of a nanotechnology-based innovative assay for the diagnosis of allergy to Betalactams

Financed by : European Commission

Grant Agreement ID:  101027955

Program : H2020- Call: International Mobility of Researchers – MSCA – IF 2020

Duration: September 2020 to August 2022

Beneficiario: Frecha, Cecilia

Supervisor: Torres Jaen, María José

Implementation centre: Hospital Regional Universitario de Málaga

Research group of IBIMA involved: Drug and Allergen Allergic Diseases


Nearly 1 in 10 individuals develop an allergy to betalactams, the most common class of antibiotics. The current method of diagnosing betalactam allergy is the conventional skin test which, however, may have adverse effects. The scope of the EU-funded ASSERT project is to advance the basophil activation test (BAT) as a routine diagnostic method for betalactam allergy. BAT measures activation of basophils that mediate allergic reactions by releasing histamine following stimulation with allergen. Researchers will employ nanotechnology to improve the precision and reproducibility of the BAT assay and validate it for routine clinical use.


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