European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network

Rol of IBIMA:  National hub and European Correspondent 

Scientific Leader: Lucena González, María Isabel

Associated Platform: Clinical Research and Clinical Trials platform

IBIMA is the designed institution within the “Plataforma de Apoyo a la Investigación Clínica” (SCReN)to act as a national hub of ECRIN-ERIC and to host the Spanish European Correspondante of ECRIn-ERIC. SCReN aims to foster excellence and quality in clinical research through networking, international cooperation and providing support to clinical research projects, translating them into benefits for the Spanish National Health Service.

ECRIN is The European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network that supports the conduct of multinational clinical trials in Europe.

ECRIN provides a means to overcome the above challenges by offering researchers support to prepare and implement multinational trials. Support areas include the preparation of applications for funding, protocol evaluation, trial management, quality assurance and more.

The network comprises a total of 12 countries: Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland. 

Services provided

1. Support in the preparation of proposals.
2. Participation as a partner in H2020/IMI consortia.
3. Organization of the portfolio of the entire clinical trial.
4. Contact with the network of each country and CTUS to distribute, organize and budget the tasks required by the study sponsor. These tasks include: global coordination of the project, elaboration of the clinical protocol, regulatory management to relevant agencies, monitoring, data management and statistics, local and global pharmacovigilance.
5. ECRIN On board also provides scientific advice during proposal development.
6. We also contribute to ‘infrastructure development’ projects with the aim, for example, of developing optimal ‘research infrastructures’ and fostering international cooperation in non-commercial trials.

Contact person: Miriam Rol


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