Rationing - Missed Nursing care: An international and multidimensional problem

Financed by : European Commission


Reference: CA15208

Duration: September 2016 to March 2021



“Rationing of nursing care occurs when resources are not sufficient to provide necessary care to all patients. The reasons for this phenomenon include staff reductions, increased demands for care due to the technological advancements, more treatment options, more informed service users, all requiring more time and attention from care professionals. Rationing of nursing care may also occur due to particular approaches of nurses’ clinical judgment and knowledge in allocating the resources, and the wider value basis of the society on care. As a result, fundamental patient needs may not be fulfilled and human rights linked to discrimination may be affected.

In view of the increasing evidence indicating a negative effect of nursing rationing on patient outcomes, the fragmented work on the complexity of the topic as well as the gaps regarding issues such as ethics, methodology and patient safety, this Action will enable and facilitate internationally coordinated exchange of expertise and knowledge for both research and clinical practice at European and international level.

This Action will facilitate a debate on the conceptualisation of rationing and the methodological challenges in investigating and monitoring the phenomenon and the development and evaluation of intervention methods. It will also facilitate stakeholders to develop a responsive research agenda that identifies challenges and innovative cost-effective and patient-centered solutions associated with care rationing. It will enable research and policy synergies by drawing out the implications of nursing rationing across countries and identify innovative delivery models and strategies with an overall aim to address patient needs.”

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