The research laboratory is located in the Civil Hospital, within the Regional University Hospital of Málaga (HRUM). It emerged from the need to integrate the research efforts of various groups that, within the Clinical Departments of the Regional University Hospital of Málaga, have consolidated lines of research that share common needs for equipment. The objective of this laboratory is to support researchers in the priority research areas that IBIMA establishes in order to facilitate the execution of biomedical research projects. Access to these facilities is granted to IBIMA researchers who perform biomedical research and who require biochemistry, genetics, and cellular and molecular biology methods that justify unification in a common space. An equipment and services reservation system is available for this purpose. Likewise, temporary access, as well as advising, is granted to researchers who periodically need these facilities in order to meet the objectives of research projects funded by different programmes. All require testing of point-of-care samples and the proximity of this infrastructure is highly valuable. El laboratorio de investigación está, además, configurado para permitir la rotación de personal MIR durante su proceso de formación.
  • In regards to biochemistry the laboratory has liquid and gas chromatography, vertical electrophoresis, and immunoblot assay systems available as well as the necessary fluorimeter and spectrophotometer accessory equipment (Versamax). In addition, it has equipment for performing fluoro-enzyme immunoassays and ELISA immunoassays.
  • In regards to flow cytometry the laboratory has two flow cytometers: FACSCalibur and FACSCanto II, with the possibility of obtaining up to 8 parameters per cell.
  • There are two cellular culture rooms. Each of them has a pre-culture area. The culture areas have laminar flow cabinets and an independent sterile area with a high-security flow cabinet for handling viruses, CO2 incubators, optic microscopes, refrigerators, freezers, baths, and centrifuges.
  • A pre-PCR room with equipment for purifying DNA and RNA and a post-PCR room with thermal cyclers, gel visualisation systems, real-time PCR systems, and sequencers.
The Genomics, Microscopy, and Biobank Shared Research Support Structures are located within this laboratory. The laboratory also has an office and ancillary research area. For the proper functioning of the laboratory, there are regulations which serve to present the list of services offered, provide information about the procedures followed when providing these services, and disseminate the ethical considerations and recognition of the services provided.


Mayorga Mayorga, Cristobalina

Mayorga Mayorga, Cristobalina

Coordinadora ECAI Biología Celular. Citometría y Cultivos
ECAI Cell Biology Coordinator. Cytometry and Cultures. 951 29 02 26

Jimenez Jurado, Pablo

Jimenez Jurado, Pablo

Técnico del Laboratorio Hospital Civil.
Civil Hospital Laboratory Technician 951 29 03 46


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