A significant number of students in professional training internships and higher education such as bachelor’s or master’s degrees, come to IBIMA to develop their internships as the end of studies in a wide variety of degrees related to the biomedical field. IBIMA offers places for the development of practices attending to the needs of research groups or management departments.

Collaborating Organizations

IBIMA provides places for internships through the University of Malaga’s own calls, as well as those managed by ICARO.

Free practice

In order to do an internship at IBIMA, you must contact the researcher responsible for the group in which you are interested in doing the internship. Once the group accepts you, you should contact the Departamento Recursos Humanos, in order to comply with the safety premises in the laboratory (insurance, etc.). IBIMA will only accept personnel practices for a maximum duration of three months; although an authorization from the responsible researcher is required. For the personnel who are going to stay at IBIMA’s facilities for a period of more than three months, they will be required to sign an agreement with the originating entity for hiring the external researcher. In both cases, the research group that will host the staff must send the Human Resources Department by email at least 15 days before the start of the internship, so that it can verify that it has sufficient physical and technical means to host the staff, the following documentation:
    • Request for authorization of stay signed and registration sheet.
The request must be authorized by the IBIMA Management Board and have the approval of the responsible researcher, according to the research group with which the internship is going to be carried out and the place where it is carried out.
  • Confidentiality commitment signed by the “own staff” who will carry out the stay

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